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A company's communications system may require modifications from time to time for a variety of reasons, including:
  • Corporate Expansion, Down-sizing, or Consolidation
  • Home-office/Telecommuting applications
  • Application of technology - voice mail, call center, internet, paging, etc.
  • New Technology - satellite alternatives, wireless wide area networks, etc.
  • Moves and re-locations
  • System Replacement or Upgrades - in whole or in part
  • Integration with data networks
  • E-commerce requirements with business partners

Whether they result from changes to our client's business or from constant improvements in technologies, we provide professional advice to ensure that our clients make the correct and most effective decisions. We help our clients to obtain the optimum package of equipment and services to meet their specific needs and at the best price. Our engagements include:

  • Needs analysis - present and future
  • Review of technology
  • Preparation of requests for proposal
  • Vendor assessment
  • Supplier negotiation and management
  • Implementation project management

The result is that our clients receive the systems to best meet their needs and at the most competitive price without having to spend all of their time to assess changing technology and alternate suppliers. Our fee is billed hourly or on a project-level basis and is often recovered through direct cost savings due to our involvement, before considering the time saved by client staff or the achievement of improved efficiency.