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Managed Services are an integral part of daily business operations and keeping up-to-date with today’s advances in technology and Supplier offerings can be a complicated and time-consuming endeavor. Organizations need to be able to maximize their operational performance and efficiencies with minimal risk to get the most out of their IT solutions. 

By incorporating TRTC’s Managed Services solution, our clients don’t have to focus on the day-to-day management of Wireless and Landline technologies. Instead, they have an expert resource dedicated to the highest level of performance in fulfilling their business needs.

TRTC’s secure, web-based Help Desk makes it easy for our Customers to request support and open Help Tickets. Whether it’s a service outage or a request to Add, Move, or Change services, our staff can address it quickly and efficiently.

Cellular Managed Services

TRTC’s Cellular Managed Services handles the management of all wireless operational needs of your organization including:

  • Management of additions, cancellations, and re-assignments of cellular subscribers. This involves placing orders with cellular service providers and incorporating factors such as:
    • Equipment and accessories needs/constraints and shipping requirements,
    • Plans and Add-on requirements (e.g. – Insurance, Data/Messaging needs, etc…),
    • Negotiation with telecom suppliers for best pricing,
    • Assisting with the activation of new devices,
    • Suspension/Reactivation of existing devices, and
    • Supplier account management and client billing preferences including User Names and Cost Centers;
  • Provide first tier support for cell user problems,
  • Handling plan adjustments for international traveling and restorations upon return,
  • Ordering upgrade or replacement equipment per client policies and approvals,
  • Monthly auditing of cellular bills with the goals of: 
    • Ensuring contract compliance
    • Recovery of billing errors
    • Identification of unused devices,
    • Verifying user-compliance to cellular usage policies,
    • Recommending and implementing optimizations to reduce ongoing costs. 

Landline Managed Services

TRTC’s Landline Managed Services keeps your facilities running smoothly. Although TRTC is not a Managed Data Network provider which monitors and maintains private data networks, our Landline Managed Services compliments and augments those services through:

  • Investigation, reporting, tracking, and resolution of telecom service problems/outages
    • First tier support for diagnosing problems and identifying root-cause,
    • Timely Trouble Ticket reporting, tracking and escalation with appropriate supplier(s),
    • Management of alternate routing during outages, and
    • Recovery of SLA credits
  • Management of moves, adds, changes and deletions (MACD) to landline telecom services. These usually involve placing orders with local and toll service providers and/or interconnect contractors and Project Managing the activities of each while incorporating:
    • PBX hardware and cabling needs/constraints,
    • Hunt Group configurations and other ancillary feature dependencies (e.g. – voicemail, Caller ID, 911, etc…),
    • Scheduling & coordination of service requests placed with the client’s telecom suppliers,
    • Negotiation with suppliers for best pricing, and
    • Supplier account management and client billing preferences;
  • Periodic Traffic Studies for bandwidth utilization,
  • Re-routing of Toll Free numbers (including geographical routing) and Remote Call Forward circuits, at the request of the client according to changing business needs.

Managed Services are ordinarily billed as a flat-fee monthly retainer based on the number and types of cellular devices and number of landline accounts and locations. Our typical client experience is that the cost of the Managed Services is more than recovered through internal time savings, minimized downtime and cost-avoidance in the supplier billings.

With TRTC’s Managed Services, we take care of our client’s technologies. We have the right technical expertise and are focused on exceeding our client’s unique service needs. We provide dedicated support so that our customers receive the timely and responsive support needed to keep their operations running smoothly. It brings a peace of mind that comes with knowing that their corporate communication needs are being taken care of quickly and properly.