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Our greatest reward is the thanks we receive from our clients...

Check out what they're all saying:


 "Your team works well with our internal staff each month to contain these dynamic expenses and continues to research our accounts to find additional savings..."

"Thank you for having exceeded our expectations.  Gratefully, TRTC was able to identify huge savings (over 30%) on our wireless services with minimal effort on our IT and Accounting departments' part."


 Jay M. Copenhaver, AVP/CIO

 (27 locations in 10 states; multi-disciplined engineering & environmental consultants)


 "Lewis-Goetz has more than doubled its size in the past 2 years.... As Lewis-Goetz continues to grow, so does the complexity of our telecommunications services.  It's comforting to know that we have (TRTC) as a trusted advisor with the right skills, experience and tools to manage our costs and services."

"The amount of time you have saved us, both directly and indirectly, by cleaning up and managing our telecom services is immeasurable."

 Doreen Smith, Finance

(Over 115 locations throughout N. America; International products business)


 "As MedExpress continues to rapidly grow, so does our telecommunication needs. (TRTC's) team have done a tremendous job of analyzing our telecom expenses, identifying areas where we had been unknowingly and needlessly overpaying our carriers...."

"If you haven't already requested a complimentary invoice audit from TRTC, what are you waiting for?"

 Robert Hiser, CIO

(National leader in urgent care delivery operating 125+ locations in 11 states)


"Right from the start, TRTC impressed us with your easy to understand contingency-fee business model..." 

"TRTC's no cost, no risk, and no obligation telecommunications analysis is exactly what we were looking for."

 Joseph P. Sharp, COO

(Top 100 accounting firm acquired by top 10 BDO)


 "As the Purchasing Manager for a growing international company with numerous locations, I focus on what can make a real difference in cost savings and bottom line profits.  Being that telecommunications is one of our largest overall monthly expenses, having experts review these complex invoices and services was a high priority of mine."

"Having gone through this process myself, I am glad to refer TRTC to our closest clients, vendors etc."

 Chaz Lang, Purchasing Manager

(International manufacturing company with 25+ locations)


 TRTC "identified and implemented an additional 30.5% savings for our wireless services, 42.9% in local, and 46.8% for our long distance.  We were very surprised!"

"It turned out to be an excellent business decision to partner with your optimization firm....The process was easy...."

Michael S. Katz, VP, Finance & Admin.; CFO

(Multi-state construction, CM, properties management & restoration services company)


 "I must admit that I was rather skeptical about your company's ability to identify significant cost-reduction savings for our business - - but now I am a believer."

"We couldn't be more pleased with the results you have delivered."

 Dan Boehm, Dir. of IT

(A global industrial heat and control business with approx. 40 locations worldwide)


"Having gone through the process myself, I have a hard time understanding why any businesses wouldn't want TRTC to conduct a contingency optimization analysis on their past invoices.  Just like our company, I bet they will also be amazed with what your experts uncover and the additional expense savings delivered."

 "Engaging TRTC to audit our existing telecommunication invoices is one of the easiest ways I have seen to find savings on a monthly basis."

 Jon Smith, IT Operations Manager

(Industrial forensics laboratories with locations across the United States)


"Your professionals reduced our monthly landline expenses by 47.0% and our wireless by 39.2%.  An amazing job by any standards....Thank you for making it easy for us to save money, time, and profits."

 "Being in business is a constant search to reduce operating costs.  TRTC delivered a valuable service that produced immediate bottom line results that we simply couldn't have achieved ourselves."

 Donald Ross, CFO/GM

(Largest regional specialty contractor serving seven counties)


"Thank you for significantly reducing our expenditures, increasing our corporate profits, and helping us better grasp control of our communication systems"  

"Only on a rare occasion do I come across a company that truly offers a business improvement service that is at no risk and at no additional cost to my company.  TRTC is one such company."

 Frank M Howard III

(Construction business with locations in multiple states)


 "Last I checked your solutions were saving us approximately 26% off our wireless and 46% off our local services each month." 

"What struck us the most about your firm was your ability to identify significant savings opportunities within our existing carriers' contractual agreements.We didn't have to change any of our carriers or equipment....Thank you." 

 Michael Lehman, Controller at Andritz Bricmont

(Internationally owned: engineering design and manufacturer of large scale industrial furnaces)


 " Thus far, TRTC has successfully reduced our telecom expenses by over 36%.  Very impressive..."

"TRTC was excellent to work with and was extremely knowledgeable in all areas of the telecommunications arena.   Thank you!"

 David E. Wible, Sr. IT Consultant

(CPA firm with multiple locations)



  "The project's success is largely attributable to the fantastic telecommunications consultant we hired, ... Three Rivers Telecom Consulting (TRTC)."

"TRTC earns its keep by sharing the savings they create for their clients.  A true win-win relationship."

Mindy Schwartz, IT Consultant

(Construction based company)



"TRTC delivered measurable financial savings results just like you said you would do - successfully reducing our telecommunication expenses by nearly 50% for our locations."

"We are grateful for TRTC's collaborative efforts"

Dawn Noorlag, Controller for both PSSM & Summerill Tube Corporation

(Manufacturer of specialty metals for aerospace, nuclear, power generation etc. businesses)


"My three favorite things about TRTC are that:

1) your team made it simple for us,

2) your priorities were aligned with ours, and

3) you delivered the financial savings results that you promised."

"Excellent work!"

 Robert Simmons, CFO

(11 location healthcare business)



  "Since we have multiple locations and growing, it has been very helpful to have (TRTC) as a resource when planning our expansion for our communications." 

"...we appreciate the work that you have done for us in organizing and optimizing our communications."


Peter Garvey, Purchasing Manager

(12 locations throughout USA)



"We recommend (TRTC) highly as a knowledgeable, professional and effective telecommunications consultant (firm)."

"We feel (TRTC's) top priority is to provide our company with the best service possible, at the best rates possible."


 Kathie Anderson

(Largest US processor & recycler of auto glass with locations in 6 states)


  "Thank you for providing the telecom insight and savings necessary to help us ensure healthy & competitive margins." 

"Our business is a highly competitive industry.  TRTC has consistently done an excellent job of understanding what we're about and our needs, and then delivered cost reduction results without affecting our quality."

Jeffrey D. Casilli, Executive Vice President

(Marine and general contractor with operations in FL, MD & PA) 


"...the valuable auditing services your experts delivered are immensely appreciated."

"The best evidence of my complete satisfaction is that I will be referring your cost reduction and cost containment services to my colleagues and friends.  I'm TRTC's biggest fan!"

Harris N. Ferris, Executive Director

(Internationally recognized non-profit.  TRTC has enjoyed helping non-profits also financially succeed) 


"Here at Mascaro we say "Under promise and over deliver."  In today's business environment, many service providers and vendors don't do that.  I am happy to say that unlike those others, TRTC delivered exactly what it had promised.  Just as important, they didn't require any prodding to get the job done.  Your professionals were timely, highly efficient, and have made it very easy for our busy team members."

 "TRTC gets it!"

Steven P. Powell, VP, Information & Technology

(One of the largest general contractors, CM & design build firms working in a 5 state region and Washington, DC)