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Are You Overpaying Your Telecom Providers?


Three Rivers Telecom Consulting delivers telecommunications expertise to mid and large-sized companies from all industries, offering a broad range of services that include telecom audits, analysis of existing and future telecommunications needs, assessment of best alternatives, and implementation of cost-effective telecommunications solutions. 

How Do We Substantially Reduce Your Wireless, Internet/Data, and Landline Bills?


We find that our success in serving our clients stems from several basic characteristics that are necessary in any consulting engagement. Among them are:

  • Specialized skills and tools: We provide business intelligence, information management, & visibility into your telecom spend. 

TAMS is our specially design software package used to analyze and optimize corporate telecom services. With TAMS, our telecom experts identify ways to minimize your telecom costs and keep them that way.  We pinpoint where you are needlessly overpaying your existing carriers and our core business is to keep you with those current carriers.  No need to change providers, contracts, or equipment.  We drive savings by strategically reducing how much you are paying each month.

  • Independence and Objectivity: so that the solutions we suggest will best suit your needs. We don't work for any providers of telecom equipment or services and we don't receive sales commissions...we work for you.

  • Flexibility: Although we always apply proven methodologies, each client is unique and our approach and mode of operation varies from client to client and from one engagement to the next. In this way, we do not try to apply a "one-size-fits-all" solution or force-fit a product that is not appropriate.

What Do We Charge?

You pay nothing for our analysis and recommendations.  When our recommendations are 
implemented, our only fee is derived directly from the actual savings and refunds we produce for you. This method ensures that our services can never cost a company money. If our recommendations do not produce real savings, or you choose not to accept our recommendations for any reason, your company owes us nothing.   We can take that risk – because we find errors and/or savings in over 97% of the companies we serve.